Car Entry

NI Motorsport Festival - Show & Shine

This event is open to all makes and models, not just Japanese manufactures. Apply with whatever vehicle you want!

Application Notes

Please ensure your email and phone number are correct. This is how we will communicate with you.

If your specific vehicle model isn’t listed, please use the ‘Other Models’ option. 

Once you click ‘Submit Application’, you will be able to upload 5 photos. Please ensure you photos that represent the vehicle accurately and they are cropped appropriately.

If for some reason your photos do not upload, you will receive an email within 30 minutes saying you can try again. Sometimes the photos are too large to upload, you can try selecting them one at a time or by reducing the file size.

The cost for show cars is £15 and covers car and driver only, additional passengers will need to purchase spectators tickets. The £15 includes access to the other areas of the events.

Show car entries will remain open until 4 weeks before the show date, all applications will be reviewed after this and those who have been successful in getting a spot will be notified by email. On the day of the event, please bring the email with you to verify that you’ve been accepted. 

We reserve the right to relocate or deny entry to cars that are significantly different from the photos provided at the application stage.

JPCCNI is only responsible for the Show and Shine section.
All other areas are managed by Irish Drag Racing, Irish Drift Championship, or NI Motorsport Festival direction.