Competition: a contest that is open for the public to enter.
Company: the operator and owner of the Competition.
Prize: the prize which is advertised on the web page of the running Competition. Multiple Competitions may be active at once, each with one prize assigned.
Question: the skill/knowledge based question required to be answered correctly in order to gain an opportunity to win the prize.
Entrant: any person who enters into a Competition.
Fee: the amount charged to the Entrant in order to successfully enter the Competition.
Entry: the successful submission of a Question, along with any payment for the competition which the Entrant wishes to be placed in.
Maximum Entries: the maximum amount of entries which can be made into one Competition. This will be provided at the point of entry for a Competition.
Closure Date: the date in which entries to a Competition cannot be made after.

1.1 By entering/participating the Competition, Entrants are deemed to have read and accepted our terms and conditions, and therefore act in accordance with them.

2. Privacy Policy
2.1 At point of entering the Competition, Entrants will be required to provide all of, but not limited to, the following information:
– Full name
– Telephone/Mobile number
– Billing Address
– Email address
2.2 The Entrant’s personal details will be used to contact the winner of the competition.
2.3 The Entrant’s personal details will be used to publish the name and area of residence of the winner on our website.
2.4 The Company holds the right to use the personal data provided by the Entrant; as defined by the Data Protection Act 2019, to conduct the Competition in accordance with the terms and conditions.
2.5 The Company holds the right (either by choice or request) to disclose this information to relevant third parties for the purposes of the prevention of fraud, money laundering, legal or other financial/regulatory reasons.
2.6 The Entrant’s username may be posted within the Lottery History section of the Competition.

3. Competition
3.1 A successful Entry to the Competition will require the Entrant to answer a skill/knowledge based Question and pay the set Fee for the Competition.
3.2 Failure to answer the Question correctly will result in non entry to the Competition, although the Entrant will be charged the set Fee for the Competition.
3.3 A successful Entrant will be assigned a number. This will be communicated once the entrance to the Competition is successful.
3.4 Each Entrant can enter a single Competition a maximum of 10 times.
3.5 An Entry can be made via the website page set up for the Competition.
3.6 More than one Competition may run at once. The Prize and Fee can be viewed on the web page of each Competition.
3.7 As a condition of entering the Competition the Entrant must ensure that by doing so, they do not contravene any laws of their country of residence. Company will not be liable in any way if any Entrant enters the Competition unlawfully.

4. Entry
4.1 The Entrant must be 18 years or older.
4.2 When entering the Competition, the Entrant must use skill and/or knowledge to answer the Competition Question.
4.3 Entry will be open until the set Closure Date is reached, or the Maximum Entries for the Competition has been reached.
4.4 Entries to the Competition are final. No refunds can be requested for any reason. Refunds may be made by the Company in the event that a Competition is cancelled, or an Entry is made after the closing date.
4.5 Entry to the Competition will be confirmed by email and on completion of payment onscreen.
4.6 Information regarding a free Entry.
4.6.1 A free Entry is limited to one per person per competition
4.6.2 A free Entry is treated in the same way as paid entries and those who answer the Competition Question correctly have an equal chance of winning a Prize. 
4.6.3 All free Entries must be received by the Company at least 48 hours prior to the Closing Date. Any free Entries received after this date will not be processed, they will not be entered into the Competition Draw. 
4.6.4 To entry for free, please send the following details on a post card to Japanese Performance Car Club Ltd, 12 Connaught Park, Lurgan, Craigavon, BT66 7AZ, United Kingdom. Full Name Full Postal Address Telephone (or mobile) number Date of Birth (format: YYYY-MM-DD e.g. 1990-01-01) The Question to the Competition The Answer to the Question. 
4.6.5 Free entries are treated the same as normal Entries. 

5. Closing the Competition
5.1 Entry to the Competition will be closed once the Closure Date is reached, or the Maximum Entries for the Competition has been reached.
5.2 The Closing Date for the competition can be extended up to 6 weeks at Company’s discretion if the Maximum Entries has not been reached.
5.3 If the required amount of Entries is not reached for a Competition before the Closure Date, the Company is entitled to offer a cash prize of 70% of the collected Fees, or refund the Entry Fees to all of the Entrants.

6. Draw
6.1 The Draw for a Competition will take place after the Competition has closed, only if more than one person has answered the Question correctly.
6.2 Entrants that have answered the question correctly will receive their entry numbers before the Draw.
6.3 The Draw will be available to view live on Facebook, via the Company Facebook page.
6.4 The Draw will use a third-party random number generator (RNG) to generate the winning entry number.

7. Prizes
7.1 Prizes are set by Company at the time of creation of the Competition.
7.2 From time to time, circumstances outside of the Company’s control may mean that it is no longer possible to offer the Prize.
7.3 If it is no longer possible to offer a given Prize, the Company is entitled to offer a cash prize of 70% of the collected Fees for that Competition.
7.4 Company does not imply or give any warranty of accept any valuation to the Prize or guarantee the roadworthiness in any shape or form.
7.5 The Entrant must make their own decision through their own enquires and legal advice before entering a Competition.

These terms and conditions are subject to change at any point in time.